August 2018 -Scrivere in jazz - Finalist at Scrivere in jazz International Competition in composition and arrangement for Jazz Orchestra. Category A: composition based upon or inspired by ethnic music from Sardinia. Title: Just a Friend. 
August 2014 - Looking for Listeners - Winner of the IMA 13 Vox Pop in  Jazz Instrumental Category at IMAs 2014.

August 2014 - Barga Jazz - Winner at "Barga Jazz" 2014 - International Competition in composition and arrangement for Jazz Orchestra. Category A: arrangement of Paolo Fresu music. Title: "Tango della buona aria" by Salvatore Cirillo.

August 2014 -Scrivere in jazz - Finalist at Scrivere in jazz International Competition in composition and arrangement for Jazz Orchestra. Category A: composition based upon or inspired by ethnic music from Sardinia. 
January  2014 - Autunno Lidio - Variation on "Twinkle Twinkle little Star" selected for inclusion in a international publication by World Humanities Press - Hong Kong. Published by Move Records in 2015 and by the Conservatory of Music of Shangai - China in 2016. 
BarcodeEAN 9314574340525 Twinkle twinkle
September  2012 - Alpha & Omega  -Original score finalist in the International Competition "Scrivere in Jazz".
August  2010 - Ladies in Mercedes  - Arrangement of Steve Swallow music - Finalist in the International Competition "Barga Jazz 2010". Live performed by the Barga Jazz Orchestra. Soloist Steve Swallow.
August  2009 - What?  -Original score winner in the International Competition "Barga Jazz 2009".
August  2008 - Mr D.H.  -Original score winner in the International Competition "Barga Jazz 2009".
Did you Know? Mr D.H. stands for Mr Dave Holland.


Review by Nick DeRiso

Pianist Salvatore Cirillo, appearing in both trio and vocalist-fronted quartet formats here, shows off a stirring range – moving from crinkly bop, to fiery blues then back to a deeply involving impressionism.The results, which he self-produced for VISION editoriale S.r.l., are revealed as a tour-de-force achievement for Cirillo, who’s following up his first album as a leader, 2009’s Unpretentious. (The Italian pianist has also done a pair of soundtracks over the last two years.) Looking for Listeners has a little something for every lover of jazz, either instrumental or vocal, up or down tempo.“Black Hats” begins things in a persistent groove courtesy of bassist Aldo Vigorito, and never abates. Amid that driving pace, Cirillo enters with a series of furiously inventive runs. Together, they tangle and embrace, playing with forceful conviction until the final thrilling clatter. But there’s more than hard-swinging to hear from Cirillo, a graduate of the Italian Conservatory in piano, jazz arrangement, composition and harpsichord. He shows remarkable restraint on the following track, opening with a lightly swinging effervescence on “A Spring Day” – even as vocalistAdele Capacchione enters. Scatting more than singing, she skips alongside, her wordless soloing the very sound of a sunny day.The rubbery groove of “I Can’t Take it Anymore” gives the song the feel of a classic Blue Note side, and Cirillo once again rises to the occasion – switching to a percussive, deep-fried approach at the keys. Working this time without Capacchione, the pianist then spars more directly with Vigorito during the solo passages, even as drummer Massimo Manzikicks up a pleasant racket. Vibrant and bluesy, “I Can’t Take It Anymore” might be one of the album’s biggest surprises – a boisterous, late-night delight.“Circle” begins next with a thrumming sense of expectation, before settling into a boppish tumble of notes during the lengthy duet between Cirillo and Capacchione – whose swooping flourishes take on the fizzy intelligence of vocalese, so horn like and smartly constructed are her scats.“Mr. D.H.” is both fleet, and somewhat tense – making for a very compelling sequence of counterpoints. Working inside, and then slightly outside, Cirillo pushes hard against the active retorts of his fellow trio members. The song, which never quite uncoils, has this piercing sense of drama – and it couldn’t be more different than the subsequent “I Remember This,” a moment of undiluted trio romanticism. Taken together, they do as much as any other song sequence to illustrate the stirring imaginative range of this group. Vigorito fashions a twilight poignancy, even as Cirillo initially explores a quieter, more personal series of thoughts. When “I Remember This” eventually settles into a lightly swinging tempo, Cirillo and Vigorito remain in the fore, singing now more than whispering, but still the very portrait of blissful restraint. If “I Can’t Take It Anymore” brought us back to Bobby Timmons, this is Bill Evans, deep into Sunday at the Village Vanguard.“About Fly” descends then into a dimly lit portent, as Vigorito helps create an intriguing cloud cover. Capacchione, this time, begins as part of the rhythmic whisperings – adding trundling bass notes as Cirillo slowly emerges from the darkness. Then Capacchione and Cirillo suddenly come awake, as if the dawn broke. Together, they create a memorably inviting buoyance, trading lines like barely controlled utterances of joy.Cirillo and Co. finish Looking for Listeners with the hard-grooving “I Can’t Believe It,” a straight-forward tune, but one sustained with a steady warmth. Appearing a final time without Capacchione, the group opens up into a series of emotive solos, sending listeners on their way with the perfect digestif: It’s uncluttered, full of approachable musical ideas, and points the way toward still more future explorations.Salvatore Cirillo shouldn’t be looking for listeners much longer.




Salvatore Cirillo - Looking for Listeners

Di Luciano Vanni

Dentro la musica del pianista campano Salvatore Cirillo ci sono tante cose: c'è lo studio del pianoforte classico e jazz, l'amore per la musica antica (con una predilezione per quella medievale) e per gli strumenti antichi come il clavicembalo. C'è poi una curiosità diffusa verso il tango (nel corso della sua carriera ha arrangiato e adattato musica composta da Astor Piazzolla) e la musica da cinema (ha scritto la colonna sonora per il documentario Inside Africa). Interprete ma anche compositore e arrangiatore, Cirillo aggiunge al suo album da leader dopo il precedente "Unpretentious" (Musicacè, 2009), registrato in duo con la cantante Adele Capacchione. A differenza dal suo esordio, in "Looking for Listeners" il pianistaporta in studio di registrazione un quartetto composto da Aldo Vigorito al contrabbasso, Massimo manzi alla batteria e ancora una volta Adele Capacchione alla voce: " Avevo già suonato varie volte con Aldo Vigorito, conoscevo bene dunque il suo stile contrabbassistico e mi piaceva l'interplay che si creava durante i concerti. Massimo manzi lo conoscevo solo attraverso le sue incisioni, però sentivo che era l'apporto ritmico giusto giusto al mio lavoro e, per quello che riguarda la voce, Adele Capacchione la scelgo spesso come interprete ei miei brani perché ha le qualità che voglio in un cantante: niente uso del vibrato e versatilità interpretativa". In verità non si tratta soltanto di un cambio di organico ma di un ripensamento dell'orizzonte espressivo. Tutte le composizioni sono a firma di Cirillo che organizza il repertorio adattandolo per duo, trio e quartetto secondo le esigenze: far emergere il drive (Black hats) e il groove (I Can't Take It Anymore) del piano jazz trio, la melodia compositiva del trio con voce (A Spring day) e le meccanica espressiva più sperimentale (Circle) o lirica (I Remember This) nel gioco a due. Il tutto si arricchisce di combinazioni ancora più inaudite, come quelle per pianoforte, contrabbasso (con archetto) e voce in occasione di About Fly, in cui si avvertono echi del pianismo di Gismonti. Tutto questo gioca a favore di un album particolarmente variegato, capace di stupire a ogni angolo. "Ho portato e porto sempre tutto quello che m'influenza, musicalmente e non, dalla musica antica di Palestrina al jazz di Hancock, ma anche opere letterarie come quele di Robert Anson Heinlein (da cui peraltro ho tratto ispirazione per Black Hats). e ancora, i film che amo e le mie esperienze di vita. Per esempio, il periodo in cui ho inciso il cd era lo stesso in cui mi dedicavo alla colonna sonora di un documentario che segue le vicende di un medico missionario in Tanzania: la storia di Inside Africa e le immagini hanno sicuramente influenzato il mio modo di pormi in alcuni brani di "Looking for Listeners". 





From Italy: Salvatore Cirillo and Adele Capacchione


Salvatore Cirillo and Adele Capacchione are exceptional jazz artists from Caserta Italy, and I couldn’t write an article about just one of them without mentioning the other. From the music that I heard they both seem to go together like two peas in a jazz pod. And even though they each have different websites, the music on both sites is the same. In their case the term musically inseparable is an understatement.

First let me say that Salvatore Cirillo has as much melodic, rhythmic, and compositional adventurism as Dave Brubeck, who as many of our readers know is one of my heroes. This Italian piano master blends many styles of jazz with emotional and intellectual interludes that set you back in your chair to be overcome by musical moods of many colors. And while being in total command of his playing, he displays more of a heartfelt presence than just a display of technical achievements. I feel that he is an exceptional musician and should be recognized by the entire world. Adele Capacchione on the other hand is a jazz vocalist with exceptional pitch and melodic precision. Sometimes I find myself listening very closely just to hear when she enters a song because she blends so well with Salvatore’s harmonic and melodic statements. And in other parts of their tunes she stands out like an angel of song taking command with a magnetic pull on my heart strings. And even though I love all the pieces that I have heard so far on their sites, I guess my favorite is when they blend “Blue Rondo ala Turk” and “Donna Lee” together with an arrangement that is absolutely flawless. These tunes without Adele’s voice would not have the same effect, texture, flavor, and originality. But together they are definitely a musical marriage made in jazz heaven. Please visit them at both of their profile below to say hi and welcome them to our family of independent musicians worldwide. Then just sit back and let their musical magic do the rest. 

JJ Rocks, St. Croix, Virgin Islands



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